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Yellow Brick Testimonials

"This is for anyone who is having problems with credit card debt and doesn't know what to do or which way to turn.... " >>

Patricia, MS

Yellow Brick Testimonials

"Yellow Brick Financial helped my husband and I avoid bankruptcy and in turn, set us up with an advisor who helps us stay on track ">>

Catherine, VA

Yellow Brick Testimonials

" I got all my questions answered honestly and feel good about getting out of debt. " >>

Chrissy, CA

Yellow Brick Testimonials

" You have been so supportive during these hard times and I would recommend you to others in my position, in a heart beat. " >>

Fran, CA

Yellow Brick Testimonials

" Thanks to your constant help and a shoulder to cry on occasionally, we can see daylight." >>

Gloria, PA

Yellow Brick Testimonials

" She understood what I was going through and talked me through the hard part. She helped me to realize" >>

Kelly, IN

Yellow Brick Testimonials

" I was always treated respectfully, honestly, and with very special attention. My questions were answered" >>

Mary, PA

Yellow Brick Testimonials i

" We had considered filing bankruptcy and worried about our future, but we are extremely thankful to Yellow Brick Financial" >>

Pablo, NY

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* Disclaimer: Yellow Brick Financial, LLC (“YBF” ), is a debt settlement company; not a credit repair or consumer credit counseling company. YBF doesn't provide investment, tax or legal advice. YBF does not provide services or assistance repairing, modifying, improving, or correcting credit entries or credit reporting. YBF does not assume or pay any debts, receive, hold or control funds belonging to consumers.  YBF’s debt settlement program is not available in all states. Individual results vary and are dependent on factors such as successful completion of program, creditor cooperation, and ability to save funds. Read and understand all contract terms and program disclosures before enrolling. Not all clients successfully complete the debt settlement program. C.P.D. Reg. No. T.S. 12-03822

** Disclaimer - We do not charge upfront fees and you do NOT pay our fee until we arrange a settlement, you approve the settlement and at least one payment is made towards the settlement. As each situation is unique, fees and costs vary. Please contact us at 866-573-8636 for a free debt analysis and for complete program details.r